Our "family" reunion, July 1, 2002, a visit from the Manevals and the Pauls.

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02Reunion-kids1.jpg (36783 bytes)  Elizabeth       Savannah

Chandler                Alex


02Reunion-kids2.jpg (31975 bytes)


  same order





02Reunion-kids3.jpg (36138 bytes)


same order




02Reunion-Pauls.jpg (80297 bytes)

Mary Beth, Steve, Savannah, Chandler



02Reunion-M-A-sonic.jpg (30552 bytes)


Michael and Alex and "Sonic"



02Reunion-S-C-Sega.jpg (64049 bytes)

Chandler and Savannah sing, "Sega!"



02Reunion-S-S-C.jpg (58186 bytes)


Steve, Savannah, Chandler




02Reuntion-Patrick.jpg (51286 bytes)

Patrick ("me?  climb the stairs?  would I do that?")